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JUAN MANUEL PADRÓN BLANCO. (Jan. 29th, 1947) was born at Carolina Sugar Mills, near Carlos Rojas, Matanzas Province, Cuba.

Started his career in '63 as animator for the Cuban TV Animation Department and as a cartoonist for Magazine Mella. Creator of many cartoon characters as Kashibashi, Barzúm de Marte and Delfín.

From '64 to '67 was in the Cuban Navy and the Cuban Army Film Section. In '67 worked as a cartoonist for several humor magazines with serials like Verdugos, Vampiros, Piojos, Cerbatanas, Zoo-Ilógico and Abecilandia.

In 1970 created the most popular Cuban cartoon character, Elpidio Valdés, a Colonel of the Cuban Liberation Army against the Spanish rule. Elpidio Valdés appeared in comic books and in some 30 short films and in three full lenght Animation films.

In 1979 Padrón started the Filminutos Animation series.

In collaboration with the famous Argentinian cartoonist Quino, made the Quinoscopios series and a 108 spot film Mafalda-Minutos.

Directed in 1996 Más se perdió en Cuba, a three hour TV animated serial for TeleMadrid, Spain.

Director of ¡Vampiros en La Habana! (1985) -the Animation film wich became a cult movie in Latin America and Spain- and ás vampiros en La Habana! (2003).

Since 1996 directed CineClips-Juan Padrón, a 300 x 25 second serial for Canal Plus-España and the French FNAC Stores Animation ads for Spain.

Have been invited as a Jury member at Film Festivals at Ottawa, Madrid, Bilbao, Annecy, New York and Havana.

Has given Animation workshops in Cuba, Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

He had many Culture Awards among them the Cuban Félix Varela First Degree medal. He received 2004's National Prize for Humour and 2008's National Price for Cinema.